About Motor Money

Here at Motor Money we are proud to be partnered with Equifax Credit Reference Agency. Founded in 1899, Equifax gathers and maintains information on over 800 million consumers and more than 88 million businesses worldwide. That means they are experts in their field and help us accurately inform our customers on their credit worthiness and subsequently the likelihood of being accepted for credit. Applying for credit directly with a lender can leave a hard search on your credit file and may hurt your future credit worthiness. At Motor Money we use a soft search system, you can see the soft search on your credit file, but lenders cannot, therefore having no impact on your credit. Once your score has been returned, we will then let you know whether lenders are likely to accept you for credit. If we think you will not be accepted, we will never advise you to try for finance if your score is too low, we will however provide you with information to help improve your credit score. Motor Money is a credit brokering service. We do not offer finance directly, but we can put you in touch with lenders. We are run and owned by FRF Motors Limited, one of the oldest family run car dealers in South Wales. We have been selling cars and arranging finance for customers all over the country for over 30 years! We are passionate about what we do and still give the personal service that many of our competitors lack. Get in contact (Link to contact form) if you have any questions