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Top 5 family friendly convertibles that are fun and stylish

Megan Donnan Wednesday 26th, 18:40


If you are a cool and stylish parent that just can’t justify keeping a two-seater Lotus Elise, then here are five 4- seater convertibles you and the whole family can enjoy.

Fiat 500C


In comparison to some modern cars, the Fiat 500C is still tiny, though you can have as much fun in it as a Mitsubishi Outlander. Providing motoring fun for the family, the 500C’s fabric roof folds back leaving the window frames in their place. If you are looking for a snazzy run around that comes with luxurious features, then this is the motor for you.


Volkswagen EOS


Many families opt for the Volkswagen EOS because it’s a budget convertible but maintains style and comfort. When it was first released in 2015, the EOS was a unique feature in Volkswagen’s otherwise everyday range. Its reliability makes for a great family accessory.


Range Rover Evoque Convertible


The convertible version to the evoque range really does stand out. The petrol engine is as fast as 238bhp which is pretty nifty. Also, if the children want a snooze then the roof can be raised for some privacy in a quick 18 seconds.


Audi RS4 Convertible


This model is known for its comfortable and deluxe style. Matched to families for its enjoyment and sonorous exhaust, the RS4 is great for family trips away. Prices start from £15,000.


Ferrari Mondial


Known as ‘the runt’ of the Ferrari range, the Mondial has the performance of an early car while deleting the complex integrations made into new models. It is also the only 4-seater convertible with a mid-engine. With its reasonable pricing, to purchase this model makes a lot of sense. Kind of old school style for summer evenings travelling home with your family after a long day at the beach.


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Top 5 family friendly convertibles that are fun and stylish

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  If you are a cool and stylish parent that just can’t justify keeping a two-seater Lotus Elise, then here are five 4- seater convertibles you and the whole family can enjoy. Fiat 500C &nb

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